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Friday, February 10, 2006

Still Here

This is Eduardo. I'm still in Urbana. I don't leave for MacDowell until mid-March. I asked Diana Marie Delgado to start blogging a month early. Got a problem with that? That's what I thought.
I'm in a funk.

I'm looking forward to AWP. I can't wait to meet a lot of you. Well, not all of you. Should I name names?
You should listen to the My Vocabulary show featuring poets Lara Glenum and Aase Berg.
Gay penguins rule.

This year at AWP I will:

point at poets
refuse to make eye contact with people manning the tables of obscure journals
lick Tony Tost's belt buckle
pout in a bar
walk up to Bob Hicok and ask, "Aren't you SpongeBob?"
shout out brown-nosing is evil!
ask Nick Carbo for a hug
reveal that I'm carrying Christian Wiman's baby
not buy books out of pity for the author
ignore Sabrina Orah Mark
proclaim the death of poetry
pass myself off as Virgil Suárez
slip rejection slips into the pockets of editors
growl at Cole Swenson
kiss a fool
praise Reb Livingston's unibrow
walk up to Ben Lerner and ask, "Are you gay?"
pass myself off as "Latino"


C. Dale said...

I am dying to see if the rejection slip you leave in my pocket has a personal note on it or not!

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Brilliant Eduardo! Hey, like I guess nearly everyone else, I'll be at AWP, too. Hope to see you there. I've got a book signing at the Salmon Poetry table at 11 a.m. on Thursday. Stop by if you get the chance (and of course, if you want to).

Anne said...

Dammit, now I really wish I could go to AWP! :)

Collin said...

Skipping AWP once again in favor of the Austin Poetry Festival, but that sounds like a hoot. I believe AWP is coming to Atlanta in 2007, so I'll definitely be at that one...maybe. :)

Tony said...

I will both be manning at table of an obscure journal *and* trying to pass myself off as "Latino."

It should be fun.

On Saturday night, I'm gonna arm-wrestle Lorna.

Reb said...

I don't have a unibrow!

Will there be arm wrestling at the No Tell pajama party?

I think I'm gonna wrassle Eduardo.

Eduardo C. Corral said...