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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

On My Desk


A small red stapler
Two tiny glitter boxes (so cute!)
A striped porcelain cup holding pens/Sharpies
A "Mandarin Orange Spice Herb Tea" tin box
A thai mango candle
A Frieda Kahlo postcard
An Iowa Hawkeyes mouse pad
Sticky notes

Pepper Spray, a chapbook by Paul Martinez Pompa
A Poet's Truth: Conversations with Latino/a Poets
Four Way Stop, a chapbook by Justin Evans
Asian American Poetry, edited by Victoria Chang


The Life Pursuit: Belle and Sebastian (I'm SO loving these songs!)
Analogue: a-ha
Playing the Angel: Depeche Mode (not great, not bad)
Illinois: Sufjan Stevens
Lifelines: a-ha
Give Up: Postal Service
Plans: Death Cab for Cutie (the first track is my fave)
Extraordinary Machine: Fiona Apple (I don't like this CD at all)
Greetings from Michigan: Sufjan Stevens
Seven Swans: Sufjan Stevens (the last track moves me to tears)
Out of Time: REM


Turquoise said...

My Office Desk Top

My extra artificial limb in case the other one cracks or I gain weight.

A 10-foot long diameter wreath of elephant garlic to ward off evil.

An award plaque of "Best Bowel Movement of 2002"

Grandma's urn.

My collection of celebrity toenails.

Various things to write home about.

Assorted cocktail napkins and swizzle sticks from my favorite one-night-stand joints.

Assorted love letters from my "Dear Johns" in the big house.

Pupa casings.

Decorative vase filled with formaldehyde and my tonsils.

Karindira's spliced uterus, bronzed and fashioned into decorative book ends.

French tickler.

Mayor’s key toSin City

First Place Trophy for the Baltimore’s Lorraina Bobbit Look-Alike Contest

Bondage Barbie. Pre-menstrual Barbie. PCOS Barbie. Peppermint Patty Barbie. Pippi Longstocking Barbie. IBS Barbie. Mortuary Director Barbie. Body Dysmorphic Barbie.

My “Hey Sailor, Want to get Lucky?” baseball cap.

Assorted collection of My Pretty Ponies and Strawberry Shortcakes.

Claymation Smurf action figurines.

“The King James Illustrated Pop-Up Bible.”

Faux Cavalry War scalps.

Live beetle larvae.

My “I Honk for Turkish Sailors!” bumper sticker.

1,200 "empty" boxes of Quaker Oats.

“The Joy of Cooking Sweet Meats” by Hannibal Lector

My vintage collection of “Rough Trade” pulp fiction books.

Pamela Sioux Anderson action figure with tomahawk chop and removeable mohawk.

Serial killer trading cards.

Rectal thermometer.

A tuft of chest hair from Marilyn Manson.

Photograph of me.

Photograph of me.

Photograph of me.

Photograph of me.

Photograph of me.

Photograph of me.

Photograph of me.

Eduardo C. Corral said...

damn! you are vain!