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Sunday, February 26, 2006


I’m obsessed with the Soup Nazi whose new franchise is located dangerously close to my Apt.

My favorites are: Broccoli & Cheese & Mulligatawny. However, the soup has become an expensive habit (9 bucks a pop—I get the large).

So I decided to Google the recipe and attempt my own batch of Mulligatawny. To give you an idea of what the soup is like: curry powder, raisins, chicken, carrots, eggplant, roasted cashews and pistachios, crushed tomatoes. The soup is then simmered for 5 hours!

That is my project for today. Along with writing exercises and constant watching of the Food Network. I’ve emailed one of my girlfriends to see if she wants to pull an all-nighter in Butler Library with me.

Watched Satyricon yesterday. Total high-class raunchiness at its best. Own the DVD, I guess I want to be disturbed, again & again.

It’s been very cold in NYC. I’m looking forward to heading to Austin for the AWP and feeling some western light on my skin. As of now I feel like a pale alligator—my heater is making my skin crumble. It's probably a sign I should leave my house.


Sheryl said...

Great that you are doing writing exercises! Maybe I need to try that. See you in Austin.

Anonymous said...

Finish the writing exercises those cool poets suggested. Then, I'll give you a riding exercise and show you around town to get you out of your apartment. Can't wait to hear you read.

The Donkey

Danny said...

So the Nazi's no longer hiding out in Argentina. Ever been to Kenny Roger's Chicken?

"Bad Chicken! Mess you up."

Diana Marie Delgado said...

Danny, I've seen the place. But never been. There's one that 's squished inside Nathan's Hotdog's when you get off the train for Coney Island. And isn't it called "Kenny Roger's Roasters" I might be wrong. But I thought the name was hilarious...

Danny said...

Yes, you're right--Roasters. I can't believe it actually exists! Now it's on my "to do" list, alongside Amsterdam coffee shop.