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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Life Without Internet

Well folks it has been a record 2 weeks that my Wireless-Time-Warner- Internet-Connection has not worked in my apartment. Which explains my lack of postings & off the charts anxiety over email and web surfing. Who knew the internet revolutionized my heart—I feel lost without it.

The cable guy is supposed to come on Monday. Hopefully he’ll fix the problem (whatever it is) and I can get on with my normal life of sending emails, back and forth, fast as an IM chat session.

On a positive note I find myself waking at 7 AM and in Columbia’s computer lab at 8 am to check my email (Is this normal?). I also have to admit that a few times, while walking down Broadway, I could have sworn I heard the sound my computer makes when a new email is received. Imagine a very clear: ding.

On a negative note what this early waking hour means to my stomach is more hours in the day to eat. And without the internet, I'm once again impressed by the television. Last night I watched the Food Network (Tony Danza was guest starring on Emeril) (Rumor has it that Tony's show is going down the drain-yup, they're pulling the plug) for 4 hours straight--something I have not done for a long time (watch the boob).

BTW, I have about 2 weeks to create, edit, and finish 10 brilliant new poems to finalize my thesis for a May graduation. They require 35 pages to graduate. I have 25…

Can someone contact Lorca and tell him to send me some duende?


Anonymous said...

DMD, Lorca here. Just read your posting and think you should go to killeroldies.com (when you get your Internet back) and try to return to your childhood. You should get three or four poems out of that. Then, go a drinking binge and don't come home one night. That will be another poem. Imagine the six-year-old Diana talking to the 30-year-old D. There's another one. This should get you started. Hopes this works! And glad you're back. Your words are so hot...


Anonymous said...

You know you could have asked me for advice. I would have given you a few tips, but never mind. Maybe you shouldn't call me for a while.
--Pablo Neruda.

Anonymous said...

Oh God. Quick being a diva. Just because Diana asked Lorca for advice doesn't mean you have to act like a little bitch. If Diana calls you, man up and talk to her. She is going to blow up on our dead asses.
Elizabeth Bishop

Anonymous said...

I second that emotion. Paul, every since you had that movie about you, you've been such a diva I'm beginning to think Nicole Kidman should have played you. Chill out.
Sylvia Plath

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Bitch-op and Sylvia Wrath,

Listen you two scandalous hootchies. I was talking to my friend Diana and I would appreciate it if you stepped. I don't need to be reminded that she is going to blow up on our dead asses. But I should remind you two that I doubt she's going to off herself just because her stanzas don't fit in a new poem she can't finish. Knowing her, she's just going to get a 40 and turn up Biggie. Problem solved. I was just hurt she went to Lorca for advice after she and I have been talking metaphors for weeks.
amor y paz,

Tupac_da_dogg said...

Correction. D is from the West Coast, so I think she would rather listen to 2Pac. She's wants to know her role model? It's in the brown bottle...