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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

How To Kill The King, Night Watch, & The Internet

Last things first: My internet is working again.

Tonight I’m headed to see the largest grossing movie of all time in Russia (as of 2004). Yup. It’s this horror/fantasy/thriller movie that I’m sure is going to give me nightmares in my next life—if it scared the Russians—who knows how it’s going to affect me!

The movie is “Night Watch.” If you want to see a baby crawling out of someone’s eye, go HERE. Sorry to anyone that weakens at things like this. I tend to find these things hilarious.

First things almost last: My good friend and fellow poet, Adam L. Dressler, began teaching me chess last night. I retained about 10 % of my lessons from last night.

What I remember: The Queen has the ultimate power. One of the pieces moves in an “L”. The king has a cross on top of it. Actually, that might be more like 1%...

The picture at the top of this posting is Rembrandt's "Night Watch." The most famous painting in the Rijksmuseum--Amsterdam. (I got to see it last summer...)


oscar said...

some more chess 101
"play the board, not the person"

Anonymous said...

Glad you like my "Night Watch." Not one of my favorites, but if it turns you on, I'm happy. I forgot you were in Europe this summer. You should have called. Next time.
con cariño,

Anonymous said...

DMD, Soooo glad to hear your Internet is back. Your words are hot. But I'm soooo mad you aren't posting any of my paintings. I thought we had a connection. Pero, forget it.
Diego Rivera

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. Let's get the tissues for the divas out once more. Listen...homegirl is expand her mind outside of the traditional, tired Aztlan frameworks. Have you even read her poetry? It ain't the typical I am Joaquín flava, honey. Let her look at Rembrandt; Let her admire the Russians. Anyway...I really like the Russians, too. (Well...just one)

Anonymous said...

Frida...mi'jita...watch your mouth.

Diana Marie Delgado said...

Thanks OB! I can't wait to learn more about chess