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Monday, January 09, 2006

Homo Bits

Check out the "cover" of the second installment of The New Hampshire Review. I'm guessing Seth and Ginger really enjoyed Brokeback Mountain.
A new study has shown that gay men tend to be less physically aggressive than heterosexual men...[gay men] tend to vent their aggression verbally rather than physically.


Queens have wicked tongues. I once told a Phoenix drag queen that her heels were scuffed. That was a mistake. In less than twenty seconds she compared my face to a man-hole cover, my ears to gummy fish, and my body to a rolled-up mattress.
This is a wonderful blog.
AD, you look like a gay mortician.
The painting is Julio Galan: El Encantamiento #3, 1989.
I'm a gay man who loves sad sad sad songs. I've been listening to track
nine for weeks now.
I'm also a gay man with questionable taste in men. I think Bill Frist is hot. I want to be his Monica.


A. D. said...

hmm . . . bad look?

Ginger Heatter said...

Yes and no. Seth and I were both incredibly moved by Brokeback Mountain, (the most beautiful and harrowing film I've ever seen), but we chose our cover from an over-the-transom artwork submission back in August. The artist, whose work will also be featured in the issue, is Kenney Mencher.

Anne said...

My god, man. Your taste in men goes past "questionable" to ... I don't know what.

And you seem like such a sweet young thang, too! Sheesh. :)

Paul said...

You've got this Republican fetish, Eduardo. It's awesome! Next? I predict Bill O'Reilly.

Artichoke Heart said...

Yes, the Republican thing is most definitively kinky!! (BTW, good luck with the spring sending out of the collection! I'll send some of my Japanese Mother's Infamous Good Ju Ju your way!)