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Friday, January 27, 2006

Guest Blogger Revealed

While I'm gone Diana Marie Delgado will be taking over my blog.

I first heard about Diana about three years ago. R called me up and started raving about a young Chicana poet. For a few minutes I thought he was talking about me. I'm so Eduardo-centric. But then he told me her name. My first thought? Damn, I wish I were "delgado" instead of chubby. My second thought? The first girl who forced me to kiss her was named Diana. My third thought? Look at her! She's working three names!

I finally had the pleasure of meeting Diana last March in NYC. She was a delight. Smart, funny, and classy. Just like me! I'm so Eduardo-centric.

She's going to be a wonderful blogger.

1 comment:

oscar said...

lookin forward to readin ms delgado's guest stint