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Friday, January 27, 2006

Digerati Pre-Order: Save 10%

Steve Mueske is offering a Digerati anthology PRE-SALE. My poems are included in the anthology. If you don't like my work (screw you!) then buy the anthology for the fine work of:

Peter Pereira
Aaron Anstett
Paul Guest
Alison Pelegrin
Teresa Ballard
RJ McCaffery
Seth Abramson
Nancy Eimers
Anthony Robinson
Deborah Keenan
Tony Trigilio
Lee Ann Roripaugh
Shanna Compton
Jake Adam York
Michael Meyerhofer
Matthew Shindell
Jacqueline Marcus
William E. Stobb
Frank Matagrano

1 comment:

Ron Mohring said...

I just ordered mine (love the Paypal option). Can't wait to read all y'all's work. And I'm delighted to see Nancy Eimers in this group: she's an awesome poet (and a dear friend).