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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I love this tintype. I feel a poem coming on. A poem in the voice of that hand!
Click here to read and to listen to poems by Ivy Alvarez. Her first book will be released by Red Morning Press sometime this summer.
I'm still on cloud nine. See previous post.
I dig this poem.
Here's a review of The Border Triptych and a couple of other fine chapbooks. Thanks once again to Bino A. Realuyo for bringing me into the project.


Ivy said...

Eduardo, you are so kind to mention me. :-)

Matthew Thorburn said...

Thanks, Eduardo!

Ron Mohring said...

John Ibson edited a marvelous book of historical photographs, all featuring men in pairs, groups, whatnot. It's called Picturing Men (2002, Smithsonian) and might be in your library. I loved the old cabinet card photos so much I had to buy a copy of the book.