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Thursday, January 12, 2006

2006 Frank O’Hara Award Chapbook Competition

•Open to new, emerging, or established lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, or gay writers.

•The winner receives $500, publication of his/her chapbook, and 25 free copies.

•No restrictions in terms of theme, content, etc.

•Poetry (traditional, postmodern, or free verse), prose poems, or cross-genre texts are accepted.

•Portions or even all of the submitted manuscript may have been previously published in journals or anthologies. The winner will be responsible for obtaining reprint permissions of his/her work.

•Submissions are limited to 16 pages of the writer’s text plus 4 pages of front matter (title page, table of contents page and, if applicable: dedication page and acknowledgments page).

•Manuscripts may be single-spaced, but must have only one poem to a page.

•Submissions may be photocopies. Please retain a copy of the manuscript for your files.

•Authors must submit two title pages with each manuscript. The first, with only the collection’s title, should be stapled to the manuscript in the upper, left-hand corner. The second, with the writer’s name, address, email address (if available), home phone number, and manuscript’s title, must accompany the submission, but must not be stapled or otherwise attached to the manuscript.

•Reading fee: $15.00 per entry. More than one entry is permitted. Each must include the $15 fee.

•Make checks payable to Thorngate Road.

•Deadline: postmarked by or on 1 Feb. 2006.

•Manuscripts will not be returned. Enclose a business-size SASE with submission for results.

•Send queries (enclose a SASE) or submit manuscripts to: The Frank O’Hara Award Chapbook Competition, Thorngate Road, Jim Elledge, Chair, Department of English and Humanities, Pratt Institute, 200 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205.

•E-mail only queries (not submissions) to: jelledge@pratt.edu


Ron Mohring said...

I used part of my prize money to buy a leather sling.

Eduardo C. Corral said...

That's dirty.

Eduardo C. Corral said...

And delicious.