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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Suprematist Bits

Don't forget: Shin Yu Pai has a new blog to document her two month stay at the Taipei Artist Village in Taiwan.
Speaking of residencies, I hope you're going to apply for the Djerassi Resident Artists Program. The deadline is February 15, 2006.
This week I finished writing an eight-part poem. The poem came real fast. It helped that I used a lot of stray images and lines from my notebook. I finally managaged to plug in my favorite simile:

Moonlight piercing her emerald brooch like a pale fox
rushing through a field of grass

The poem is about La Placita Raid in LA in 1931. The poem has settled into the middle of my collection.
The painting: Kasimir Malevich: Suprematist Painting: 8 Red Rectangles.
I think someone needs to write poems that give César Chávez a sexual life. I might have to do it.
Catrióna Rueda Esquibel's book With Her Machete in Her Hand: Reading Chicana Lesbians will be published next month.
I'm having a baby! Anthony Robinson got me pregnant. Or was it Jordan Davis? Adam Clay? Josh Corey? Liam Rector? James Galvin? Robert Bly? Oh boy. This calls for a DNA test.
This post is dedicated to Joseph Massey. Joseph, darling, calm down. It's obvious you're POSSESSED by poetry love. You're radiating. Come illuminate my path.


Tony said...

Aw, come on! I had the jimmy on extra-tight!

Peter said...

I had never heard of the La Placita Raid. It'll be interesting to see your take on this.

You are not pregnant. It is just gas.

Anonymous said...

who is joseph massey? is he a young poet? are there any reviews of his work? did you study with james galvin at iowa? sorry for questions, kind a new to poetry, my friend told me about your great site

Eduardo C. Corral said...


Joseph Massey is an emerging poet. Google "joseph massey" + "poems" and you'll find some of his work.

I did take a workshop with Galvin. He's a fine poet. And he sweats a lot. Even in winter he would show up in class with sweaty armpits. Hot.