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Monday, December 12, 2005

Shit List

1. People who think too hard about Xmas cartoons.
2. James Shea
3. People who haven't read this short story.
4. Texas sheet cake! I can't keep my paws off it!
5. The man or woman who holds the hand of Jordan Davis. I'm so jealous! He's sexy.
6. Ford.
7. People who don't buy this calendar.
8. And if you buy the calendar your significant other might want to post this sign in the bathroom.
9. People who don't view the great photographs posted at Nick Carbo's blog.
10. The fact that I missed this concert at Wembley. I wish I lived in London!


Ivy said...

I can't stop thinking about that short story. I wonder if the movie will be as good.

Charles said...

I pity the fool who don't eat my cereal!

Anonymous said...

awww man, i'm on your shit list? Bummer! I thought the cartoon review was pretty amusing. Oh well, no loss. Hey check out the site in a few days, I will have an article up on making a Christmas Tree out of Sugar Glass.....if it turns out well, of course.

Thanks for the link anyway, man! Happy Holidays! :)

- Carl

Eduardo C. Corral said...


It's all tongue-in-cheek. Your post did bring back memories of watching that Smurf special on TV as a lad...

Thanks and Happy Holidays!