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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Not So Pious

But what about anthologies published by bloggers? Steve Mueske asked me to submit to his Digerati project. I submitted. He offered me a slot in the anthology and he took three unpublished poems from my submission packet for three candles.

I'm looking forward to the anthology. I'm grateful Steve took an interest in my work. I guess this illustrates what other bloggers have been saying: you will meet people and "befriend" them and those connections will lead to some publication.

It's a tangled web. And I like some of the spiders.


Tony said...

Aw yeah! And you didn't feel bad about that did you?

I'm in there too, and was rather shocked and delighted to be included. He took some poems that I'd been trying to put out there for some time.

If I could just get someone to publish my "fake mexican" poem. That'd be sweet.

Collin said...

Congrats on this Eduardo. I also submitted to Steve for this anthology and I was "close," but he ultimately rejected me. Ah, well...

Emily Lloyd said...

I'm looking fwd to reading the anthology. Steve asked me to submit, and I didn't...I can't exactly explain why. I guess because I don't by any stretch of the imagination consider myself part of, illustrious enough to be part of, any "-erati"...and maybe partly out of piety, although there was certainly no guarantee I'd get in. The final line-up looks marvelous.