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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Friday, December 30, 2005

Top Ten Bucks of the Year

Ever wonder what kind of guy turns Eduardo on? Sure you do! Here's my list of top ten hotties of the year.

10. Pablo Montero
9. Ted Mathys

8. Terrance Hayes
7. Peter Covino
6. Rob Marciano
5. Antonio Villaraigosa

4. Jonathan Safran Foer
3. André Boisclair

2. W
1. Sufjan Stevens

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Suprematist Bits

Don't forget: Shin Yu Pai has a new blog to document her two month stay at the Taipei Artist Village in Taiwan.
Speaking of residencies, I hope you're going to apply for the Djerassi Resident Artists Program. The deadline is February 15, 2006.
This week I finished writing an eight-part poem. The poem came real fast. It helped that I used a lot of stray images and lines from my notebook. I finally managaged to plug in my favorite simile:

Moonlight piercing her emerald brooch like a pale fox
rushing through a field of grass

The poem is about La Placita Raid in LA in 1931. The poem has settled into the middle of my collection.
The painting: Kasimir Malevich: Suprematist Painting: 8 Red Rectangles.
I think someone needs to write poems that give César Chávez a sexual life. I might have to do it.
Catrióna Rueda Esquibel's book With Her Machete in Her Hand: Reading Chicana Lesbians will be published next month.
I'm having a baby! Anthony Robinson got me pregnant. Or was it Jordan Davis? Adam Clay? Josh Corey? Liam Rector? James Galvin? Robert Bly? Oh boy. This calls for a DNA test.
This post is dedicated to Joseph Massey. Joseph, darling, calm down. It's obvious you're POSSESSED by poetry love. You're radiating. Come illuminate my path.

Looking forward to these books

Mark Levine: The Wilds
Joshua Clover: The Totality for Kids

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Forget AOL Radio!

I just discovered the Chicano Radio Network. Am I the last one to arrive at this party? Geez. Great stuff. From Lalo Guerrero to Romantic Oldies to Fat Joe.

Mark Guerrero will be hosting Chicano Music Chronicles every Friday at 6:00 p.m., Pacific Standard Time. A one hour show which features the legends and pioneers of Chicano music with stories and background information.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Poet Patricia Smith has a LJ site.

Tip of the hat to Collin Kelly for the link.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Post Xmas Bits

I survived spending Xmas alone. No emotional or physical scars. I called home a lot these past few days. My little nephews and nieces drew me thank you cards for their gifts. How sweet! I can't wait for the cards to arrive in the mail.
The painting is by Roberto Juarez.
I went out for Chinese on Xmas day. Alone. It's the first time I've had Chinese on Xmas day. Fun fun fun. And the nice lady behind the counter gave me TWO fortune cookies!
I'm surprised and disturbed by my capacity to enjoy solitude. I should become a hermit. But who has the time to shop for sackcloth?
Have you seen the cover for the Digerati anthology? Great, no?
Chinese cookie fortune #1: Your love life will soon be happy and harmonious.
I'm really looking forward to Stefi Weisburd's first book: The Wind-Up Gods.
Jacob's gift.
I love reading about the daily lives of New Yorkers. I would love to live like this.
I gave myself a Xmas present this year. I signed up with a online porn site. My first one! And no, it's not Sean Cody. Okay, why I'm writing this on my blog?
This cat is beyond cute.
Chinese cookie fortune #2: Your planning will bring rich rewards.
This news story is strange.
The latest installment of Slope is up.
Confession: Last night I dreamt I was in the bed with Liam Rector. He kept pulling objects out of his mouth: a stuffed canary, a pen, matches, a paper cup. I asked him, What are you? A Joseph Cornell box? He just laughed, and said, You know. My last name kinda of rhymes with rectum.

Hmm. Thanks Liam.


The Knoxville Writers' Guild is currently seeking lively & interesting
submissions for its 2006 anthology whose theme will be The Body.
Submit short stories, poems, memoirs, creative nonfiction, & art that
explores & amplifies the connections we have with our bodies.
Celebrations of sensuality are welcome, though this is not intended to be an
anthology of erotica. Have you ever spoken to your big toe? Lost your vision?
Worshipped a neck? We're looking for things that have universal appeal,
material that will push us into a deeper intimacy with our bodies. Humorous
perspectives are of course always encouraged. From body parts to whole body
experiences, we seek submissions that provoke new perspectives or enrich familiar

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Does anyone know the poet Jorge Sanchez? If so please email me. And if Jorge is reading this, Hola hombre! Email me.

JORGE SANCHEZ recently received his MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Michigan. His work has appeared twice before in The Adirondack Review and was published or is forthcoming in The Iowa Review, Hotel Amerika, Puerto del Sol and Nidus. He lives and is trying to work in Chicago.

2 Bits

I hope this is true! I would love to see her on Broadway.
The latest installment of Wicked ALice is online and it's dirty! Some poem titles:

Ode to Fellatio
Indecent Docent, Sex Deprived Tina
Employees Must Wash Their Hands

Pictures of the Year: 2005


Ready for Pre-Order

Barbara Jane Reyes:Poeta en San Francisco.


I hope that everything I do in poetry serves my work. Blogging serves my work. Reading as many books as I can on my bus ride to and from my job serves my work. Showing my work to other people serves the work. I don't engage in these things to serve me. That's a different kind of poet, and a kind of poet I hope never to be.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize for Latino/a Poets

The postmark deadline for the Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize is January 6, 2006. There is NO entry fee!

The winner receives:

1. Cash award of $1000 and publication by the University of Notre Dame Press.
2. An invitation from the Creative Writing Program of the University of Notre Dame to read from his/her work, along with the judge, upon publication of the book, with all expenses paid.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Stripped & Lashed

What bothers me about all this finger-pointing and anti-foetry crap is that even the greatest poets can be damnedly insecure about their work—I've read of plenty of "greats" who are haunted their entire literary lives by the prospect of being uncovered as a fraud. Tell me that a creature such as this needs another reason to second-guess him/herself, to allow another whisper of unassuredness creep in. For Great Poet X, it's not only a matter these days of ultimately distrusting your own work, but of being taught to distrust the judgments of others (especially friends) and being wary of even appearing to trust any one or of gestures of support. That is to say in this culture of suspicion the poet now has a second voice at his side whispering "You are a fraud."

Wrong Eduardo

I'm not the belly dancer.


Not So Pious

But what about anthologies published by bloggers? Steve Mueske asked me to submit to his Digerati project. I submitted. He offered me a slot in the anthology and he took three unpublished poems from my submission packet for three candles.

I'm looking forward to the anthology. I'm grateful Steve took an interest in my work. I guess this illustrates what other bloggers have been saying: you will meet people and "befriend" them and those connections will lead to some publication.

It's a tangled web. And I like some of the spiders.


Current music: a-ha: Analogue.
Current books: Gabrielle Calvocoressi: The Last Time I Saw Amelia Earhart
& Thylias Moss: Small Congregations: New & Selected Poems.

I've been alone. In this townhouse. For more than a week. R left for family/vacation time. I'm going to be alone for Xmas. Deck the halls indeed.

If you're looking for a residency this year check out the Anderson Center.

Last chance: the postmark deadline for the Latino/a Writers issue of the Indiana Review is December 31, 2005.

Thanks to all of you who commented on my submitting panic post. I found it amusing that the first four comments came from editors. I understand that our po-biz world is relatively small. Soon or later you're going to run into everybody. But I'm not there yet. Believe it or not. Some people think I'm this great networking poet. Sometimes I get emails asking me for advice on how to network at MFA parties and readings. As if!

But for the foreseeable future I will continue to refrain from submitting to journals edited by fellow bloggers/friends. I just hope the editor of the VQR doesn't start a blog. Don't do it Ted!

My stance doesn't mean I'm frowning at those who submit and publish with fellow bloggers. Far from it! We need good poems. I don't care who writes them or who publishes them. I want them in the world.

I committed an act of blasphemy today. I bought a can of menudo. A can! May the Mexican mothers of the world forgive me.

Did C. Dale really encourage me to knock his pants off?

Five random facts about me:

1. I once kissed a tobacco shop Indian.
2. I hate runny spaghetti sauce.
3. I cheated once in high school.
4. I, like Shanna, have a heart murmur.
5. I like men with hairy chests.

Some bloggers explained how journal publication for them is an extension or byproduct of community. I don't feel any urgency to partake in community by seeking/gaining publication in journals. Crazy, no? And you know why I don't feel this urgency? Blogs! Blogging makes me feel like a member of a community. My blog is a small and silly contribution to a community I care deeply about.

from Five Miracles by Thylias Moss:

What's a nice colored girl like you
doing in New England?
Thinking about changing my reputation.

Monday, December 19, 2005

My Hands Are My Heart #2: Gabriel Orozco: 1991

Submit This

I might be in the wrong business. I just have no big interest in submitting work to journals. Crazy, no? I've never been one of those poets who add and add to the slush pile. I'm not knocking these poets. It's just not me. I send out about four packets a year. Two to three poems in each packet.

Don't get me wrong. I like seeing my work in print. I'm really looking forward to seeing my poems in future issues of Poetry Northwest and Quarterly West. But I've never been one of those poets who associates success with publication. I know how subjective the whole process is. I know how insectous the whole process is. To me publication is no big deal. Though I do, like so many other bloggers, jump with joy when one of my poems gets accepted. But I'm jumping with joy because my poem has found an appreciative reader. I want readers not CV filler.*

I have this attitude toward journals because I'm so critical of my work. Of all the poems I've published only one has escaped revision after appearing in print. One. The other poems have been edited, reshaped or thrown out. I know poets who only keep a poem in their mss because it has appeared in a good journal. Crazy, no?

Also, I'm such a bad player of the game. I won't submit to journals where I "know" the editors. No New England Review or 32 Poems or The Canary for me. Last summer one of my friends became the poetry editor of a new hip journal and he asked me to submit. I didn't want to submit. There are so many journals out there! Why submit to those edited by your friends or fellow bloggers? But in the end I did submit and my friend did take two poems. I felt no joy. I was disgusted with myself. Thankfully, his stint came to end quickly and the issue never materialized.

Gawd, this post sounds bitter! I asked myself if this post originates from a place of jealously. And I can safely say no. I have no reason to be jealous of those who play the game better than me. I know it's about the game not the work. Of course, not all poets are players. Some who submit religiously do it because they produce a lot of work. I'm thinking of Paul Guest. I adore his work. He's actually one of the few people whose work invokes envy in me. When he gets published, I'm thankful.

Publication leads to readership: an audience of practicing poets. But responses are rare. Perhaps a kind blog comment or email. I'm glad people are reading my work in journals. But in my head the acceptance from a journal means the editor has read my work intensely. I might be wrong about this. But that's my fantasy.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Someone arrived at my blog by Googling "ben lerner homo." LOL. Sorry Ben!

The Hunky Alex Lemon

has a new webpage up and running. Mosquito, his first book, will be published by Tin House Press in 2006.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

2005 new england/new york award

Congrats to Cynthia Cruz for winning the New England/New York award from Alice James.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Monday, December 12, 2005

2 Bits

Over at Anne's blog you can draw your own little house in the Po-Blog Avenue. Her house puts my house to shame!
Neil Aitken is asking for the titles of first books published in 2005. I suggested about ten titles. I know I forgot a lot of books, so go to his site and help out. He's launching a new web journal called Boxcar Poetry Review in January. Neil will be publishing book reviews of first books and interviews with first book authors. Great idea!

Shit List

1. People who think too hard about Xmas cartoons.
2. James Shea
3. People who haven't read this short story.
4. Texas sheet cake! I can't keep my paws off it!
5. The man or woman who holds the hand of Jordan Davis. I'm so jealous! He's sexy.
6. Ford.
7. People who don't buy this calendar.
8. And if you buy the calendar your significant other might want to post this sign in the bathroom.
9. People who don't view the great photographs posted at Nick Carbo's blog.
10. The fact that I missed this concert at Wembley. I wish I lived in London!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Radio Love

My Vocabulary will feature the work of Shin Yu Pai this Sunday.

Some Cool Reviews

Asian and American: a review of books by Victoria Chang, Zamora Linmark and Ed Bok Lee.


Rigoberto González reviews Pablo Medina.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

My Favorite Blossoms of the Year

Ben Lerner, The Lichtenberg Figures
Lorna Dee Cervantes, Drive
Kazim Ali, The Far Mosque
Lara Glenum, The Hounds of No
Peter Covino, Cut Off the Ears of Winter
Scott Hightower, Part of the Bargain
David Bezmozgis, Natasha & Other Stories
Rita Dove, American Smooth
Sarah Gambito, Matadora
Jason Schneiderman, Sublimation Point
Tyehimba Jess, Leadbelly
Dana Levin, Wedding Day
Victoria Chang, Circle
Richard Siken, Crush
Sheryl Luna, Pity the Drowned Horses
Ignacio Padilla, Antipodes

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Listen Up Latino/a Writers

The deadline for the Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize is January 6, 2006. There is NO entry fee. Submit!

The postmark deadline for the Indiana Review's Latino & Latina Writers Issue is December 31, 2005.

I'm not submitting to the Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize because I know the people behind the award. I did send a poem off to the Indiana Review recently. Yes, I sent one poem--again--to a journal. Bad poet!

Eduardo Needs

Eduardo needs to get out more often and stop playing curveball...
What Eduardo needs is a change of beliefs
Eduardo needs your prayers
Eduardo needs to get some rest so he can ride the horses in the morning
Eduardo needs help
Eduardo needs these (OS, Arch, UserLevel) within a month
Eduardo needs to return to Chevron as a stronger engineer with
new excellent business ...
Eduardo needs to redo his Life
Eduardo needs lessons
Eduardo needs help from Elliott
Eduardo needs a wife to level the playing field
Eduardo needs cojones and acting classes
Eduardo needs to know about Ivana's real intentions of becoming a nun
Eduardo needs so much more knowledge and experience to avoid losing
whatever money he has
Eduardo needs to prep his buddies of The cloth a little better
Eduardo needs a sweater (large) and he would like some shaving lotion
(any flavor) and some tennis shoes, size 11.
Eduardo needs a sponsor
Eduardo needs direct physical contact in order to control his remote probes
Eduardo needs to be freed in the spirit
Eduardo needs to avoid: fences cows senrock!
Eduardo needs a cup of Pro Tools quick
Eduardo needs to show proof his moustache still does grow
Eduardo needs to butt out
Eduardo needs to chill out on the empty parking lot donut sessions
Eduardo needs a photographer down on Seventh and Main pronto!
Eduardo needs the string cheese?
Eduardo needs further medical attention
Vince is usually very careful about fucking, but he must have
sensed Eduardo's needs

Monday, December 05, 2005


The deadline for the summer session of MacDowell is January 15, 2006.

It's what I've dedicated my life to prevent—the non-writing of the great poem.
—Marian MacDowell

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Is That a Rat on His Head?

Congrats to Antoine Wilson who just sold his first novel to Other Press/Handsel Books.


I've never owned a car in a city where it snows. Man, it sucks! The other day, after resting from my blissful walk in the snow, I had to scrape off six inches of snow from my car. What a chore!
Cyndi Lauper has joined the Honorary Board of the Matthew Shepard Foundation.
I still haven't received my "free book + shipping/handling" from Zachary but I'm glad he received the book I sent him. Sign up for it! I like the fact that I don't know what I'm getting. Maybe I'll love the book. Maybe I'll hate the book. Who knows? But the fun is in the reading.
Adam Clay is asking: If you could have any living poet write a blurb for yr first book, who would it be?

I have a wish of list of three poets.

1. Rita Dove
2. Lorna Dee Cervantes
3. DA Powell
Yesterday, I went to a reading celebrating the latest issue of Ninth Letter. Wine and stinky cheese were up for grabs afterwards. The graduate students freaking tore up the wine and cheese! I had to stand back from the cheese table because I feared one of them would bite off my fingers.
And this is why you always properly discard condoms after you have fun in a park.
Matthew Thorburn is offering to swap copies of his first book Subject to Change.
Is it wrong to be crushing on this new dad?

December Prize: Action Books

The December Prize postmark deadline is December 5th 2005.

You can also buy the first three titles online for just 30 bucks. Or you can order one for 12 bucks.

Photo Essay: US/Mexico Border

from Slate.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's Snowing

I woke up early this morning and when I glanced through the window I noticed snow falling. I put on my shoes, jacket and hat and headed out the door. I walked around for about thirty minutes.
Here's a wonderful poem by Scott Hightower from his brand spanking new book Part of the Bargain.

I have a new crush. His name is PJ Clark. Anyone know him?


Soothes and burdens,
endangers, hardens.

Erases, revises.

Vistas of lunar solitude.
Builds, embellishes a mood

Robert Hayden