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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sometimes It Sucks Being A Dude

I'm on the prowl for a new kick-ass scarf for MacDowell. I've done some online research, and I'm freaking pissed. It sucks being a guy! The girls get all the pretty scarves!

Just compare these two pages.

Banana Repubic's page features bland men's scarves. Soilds and stripes in wool or cashmere. Oh so boring!

Anthropologie's page features women's scarves that are works of art! These scarves are fun. These scarves say, I'm a flirt. These scarves are hot.

So let's ignore the Banana Republic page and let's concentrate on the Anthropologie page. Which scarf do you think I should buy?

I'm leaning toward these two:
Zinnia Scarf

Pompom Scarf

Which one do you like best? They're both gorgeous!

Picture this: I march into the dining room at MacDowell, and as everyone stares at me, I slowly unravel an amazing scarf from my neck. Oh, oh, oh!!!


Ivy said...

I say go for the Zinnia scarf! I also like the Aberdeen scarf one.

We have a ubiquitous shop here in the UK called TOPMAN [hah!] -- it may be a bit boring for your tastes, though: http://www.topman.co.uk/

I thought this silk one with a map of London printed on it was cool: http://www.paulsmith.co.uk/shop/mens-scarves/mens-scarves-a2xa-349e-s50-1/>

A bit exxy, though. £115! Still, it is pretty...

C. Dale said...

I'd like to remove a Burberry scarf from your neck. Slowly.

Ivy said...


*fans self*

Laurel said...

Zinnia! The pompom is just a little too silly, but the Zinnia is perf!

Pamela said...

Red Zinnia.

Eduardo C. Corral said...

Zinnia is the winner. I will order it soon. Ain't I a walking stereotype? Who cares! Sometimes a man must be a sissy!

And C. Dale: I'm going to wear my zinnia scarf to AWP Austin. See you there.

louise said...

You're a man after my own heart. Every pivotal moment in my writing career has been marked by the purchase of a lovely and frivilous accessory. It will give you that extra spring in your step and you deserve it!
(good choice on the Zinnia)

cornshake said...

ah, yes, isn't the whole STORE a work of art?? and did you see the scarves for *dogs*?? you know I am dying to get some more pearls for V-lo!

Sara said...

congratulations on selecting a scarf. my complaint is that guys get all the tolerable-looking running shoes. girls get pink and white. i only need them for running, and in view of few people. but still. i'm not a pink-and-white sort of girl. i am a devoted fan of the scarf in general.

Artichoke Heart said...

They are both luscious, although the zinnia is particularly elegant. I say get one of each . . . so you have options depending on your mood.

Kells said...

Sometimes I read your posts and think we're the same person.

I like your visualization of unraveling the scarf at the table, sometimes I think to myself, "And then I'll walk in with my killer boots and the place will go wild!" though it never happens, maybe what I need is need just a good scarf.

The Zinnia is much more Audrey Hepburn, which the pompom is very much Mary Tyler Moore. My choice was also the Zinnia. It's gorgeous.

Anyhoo, your post made me happy.

32poems said...

You'll look H-O-T at breakfast!