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Friday, November 11, 2005


Current reading list:

Leanne Howe: Evidence of Red
Kazim Ali: The Far Mosque
A. Loudermilk: Strange Valentine
Amber Flora Thomas: Eye of Water

I'm not sending out my mss this fall. Something was missing. And the answer finally came to me this month. All week I've been working on a handful of poems that when read alone might come off as insubstantial, but when read as part of the whole they'll function as thematic reservoirs.

I'm also hoping these poems will lighten the tone of the collection. I'm surprised by the "darkness" in the collection. Sometimes I think I just wrote one long elegy.

Last night I went to a student reading. One poet read these morbid poems. I'm so sad I might off myself poems. One after another. For about 15 minutes.

I don't want to be that poet.


Ktrion said...

You're already not that poet, hombre. I'm always lured by the elegy, myself. but there's something about them which goes beyond sad, and feels like a commitment to going on.

Anne said...

How is A. Loudermilk's book? He did his MFA here at IU, and I've read his thesis (sometimes I go up to the sixth floor of the library and read poetry theses... yes, I'm a bit of a nerd like that) as well as his earlier chapbook The Daughterliest Son. Some good stuff there, so I'd be quite interested in your thoughts on the new book.

C. Dale said...

Stop it! You cannot be that poet, even if you tried. Your poems I have seen are far too intelligent, far too deftly managed to be just another set of overly depressing poems. Your mind is sharp, quick and devious, and this comes out in your work whether you like it or not.