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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

O My Cyndi!

Oh joy of joys! You can listen to Cyndi Lauper's upcoming release The Body Acoustic on VH1's webpage.

I really love these new takes on her hits. A lot of violin and dulcimer. You have to listen to "Time after Time" which features Sarah McLachlan. Cyndi's voice is so wonderful. Sometimes I can actually see it rise from my stereo speakers, like a ribbon of foil.


Laura Carter said...

Oh wow, Lauper & McLachlan. Sounds cool.

Collin said...

Cyndi was the first concert my parent's let me attend alone (with a group of friends) way back in 1984 I think it was. I still adore her. Can't wait to hear this. Right now, I'm on a serious Kate Bush binge. Once that calms down, I'll give it a listen. :)

Zachary Jean Chartkoff said...

It is a small, small world -- Cyndi's 1983/4 world tour was my first concert I went to as well, somewhere in the wastelands of Detroit. Every time "She Bop" came on MTV I'd tell my friends, "that's about masturbating." I must have been rather tiring after awhile, I suppose. It was hard being the solo Cyndi fan at school, though. All my friends were either into Madonna/ Prince (sex) or The Cure/ The Smith/ PIL (goth) but I remained true to Cyndi (camp) ... until she started hanging out with Pro-Wrestlers and then I couldn't show my face ... the shame, the shame! Then she came out and I could dust off my old 45s of Vibe and The Goonies soundtrack. You know, I never knew she was in "Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle." Check out: http://www.cyndilauper.com/movies.php

Didn't she perform a couple of years ago at Queerfest or some GLBT-themed gathering?