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Friday, October 14, 2005

Lip Sync

I've being feeling blue lately. So today I forced myself to be nice to myself. No thinking about poems. No worrying about my collection. No reading.

I put on some of my favorite CDs, and I lip-synced my little heart out. A lot of Cyndi Lauper (especially her live version of Joni Mitchell's Carey.) REM. Juan Gabriel. Sufjan Stevens. Death Cab for Cutie. A-ha. Tori Amos. Coldplay. Tigres Del Norte.

I've always loved lip-syncing. I'm talking about full blown lip-syncing. I stand in the middle of my room and move and shake and dance my body as I "sing." I get a kick out of acting out the emotions tied up in the songs. If it's a sad song I beat my chest, and throw my arms around. If it's a happy song I make these quirky gestures with my hands, and shake what Buddha gave me. It releases the inner Drag Queen in me.

Once, in Iowa City, I left my window blinds up, and as I finished performing a Junga song I noticed a couple of youngish girls staring straight at me through the window! I waved at them, and they just ran off.

I should've charged them a couple of bucks for the show.


Emily Lloyd said...

I usually sing along, but you're right, lip-syncing is its own joy. Yesterday driving to work I lip-synced to the soundtrack from Mary Poppins. "You FIND the fun and SNAP! The job's a game..." I even had the rear-view mirror tilted to see if I made a convincing Mary.

Sara said...

That tale of you performing and the young girls running off just made my morning. Now I can get to work.

Zachary Jean said...

Wow, talk about the power of suggestion! You mention Cyndi Lauper and suddenly I recall my own shameful past -- when I was a wee, little Zachary I was a drooling Cyndi fan. It was OK when she was merely odd and sang wonderful music but when she adopted Pro Wrestling as a life-style of choice? I had to hang my head and cry. Ah, memories!