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Monday, October 31, 2005

I Suck

Listening to: Duran Duran live on AOL radio.
Reading: Geri Doran's Resin.
After all the worrying. After all the mental planning. I overslept and missed Amy's Halloween party.
Speaking of Halloween: I deleted my post about my Halloween costume because a couple of comments suggested that something was wrong with the photograph I uploaded. I uploaded a funny photograph of a man pretending to be a baby being born. And judging from the comments, maybe a picture of a black woman was what my readers were viewing. Strange. Each time I viewed my blog I saw my photograph.
Matthew Shindell was IMing me yesteday, then all of sudden he left. How rude. No goodbye.
Oh yes, Duran Duran is starting into "Union of the Snake."
Did you know Depeche Mode has a new cd out? I've read real good reviews of it online. I might have to buy it.
Am I crazy? Isn't Patrick Fitzgerald hot?
Joy of joys: Duran Duran is singing "I Don't Want Your Love."


Stuart Greenhouse said...

I dunno about anyone else, but I got the guy being born.

Strangely unsettling.

Ktrion said...

Ummm, I got the other picture. Which confused me, to say the least.