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Saturday, October 22, 2005


I'm going to a Halloween party, but I still have no costume! What or who should I be? A pear? A Sperm? Lampost? Gerald Stern? A Rolled Newspaper? Stop Sign? Cabbage Patch Kid? A Rejection Letter? Tony Tost's nuts? Highlighter Pen? A Mirror? TT Boy? Anne Sexton? An Oven? A Bottle of Pills? A Parrot? A Palm Tree? A Stamp?



Laurel said...

Margaret Schwartz once went as a Freudian slip. I liked that...

My most fun constume ever was Bonnie and Clyde... but that was with Kris 1... so I don't talk about it much.

Remember those days?

the machinist said...

Two cheap & easy costumes (too many jokes there; I'll just let it alone):

a nudist on strike

yourself the morning after (in pj's, robe, & able to tell people what they'll do that night)

LKD said...

Laurel, if you should happen to stop back here, might you explain the execution of that Freudian slip costume? I read your comment last night and was already preparing to go to a party dressed up as a series of cliches (spiders glued to my face and arms for "makes my skin crawl", rats stuck in my hair for "your hair looks like a rat's nest", etc) and I love love love the Freudian slip idea. I'm picturing a huge, as in plus-sized slip covered in Freudian quotes---or maybe a photo transfer of Freud himself.

If you can give me the low down on what the costume looked like, I'd be much appreciative.

And Eduardo, you should go as a rejection letter scrawled on Tost's balls written in highlighter pen. (grin) Seriously, I like all of your ideas, especially Anne Sexton (wear a fur coat darling, and chain smoke) and the mirror.

Laurel said...


She was just wearing a slip, and then I think fishnets and stilettos, to be sexy... adn there were words all over the slip... just written with a sharpie... quotes I think....

but any way you did it it would be fun...

Eduardo C. Corral said...

Ah Laurel,

I rememeber the farmhouse Halloween parties. The first year I went as a potato sack. I still haven't forgiven myself. But at least it wasn't as bad as Aaron's "Little Hitler" outfit. Geez. Some people.

I also remember the other Kris. The taxi driver? He was cute. Some people have ALL the luck.

jenni said...

wonder woman. she rocks. that's who i'm gonna be.

caroline is going to be a princess. sigh.

my dog is going to be something too. but it's surprisey!