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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Alice Fulton

Yesterday, I went to hear Alice Fulton read. I really enjoyed her reading. She writes longish poems so I had to stretch myself to keep up with the turns in her language. One of her major concerns is diction: contemporary and archaic. Her poems contain slang, techno speak, and Romantic-like phrasing. I asked her a question about felt and Joseph Beuys. I'm like that. I bought her selected so I'm looking forward to digging into her work.

After the reading I went out with three MFA students to have some din-din and beers. And to my surprise, I had a good time. I usually dread hanging out with MFA students. The look of desperation in their eyes. The "where did you go to school" questions. During dinner I found out that one of my old Iowa classmates is also living in Urbana! Tis true. Amy Lingafelter is in town! I hope to have a cup of coffee with her soon.


cornshake said...

I adore Alice! Isn't she so dreamy? Everything about her is so...elegant--even if she is reading "techno-speak." We went out for coffee once and talked about sarees almost the whole time. :)

Antoine said...

(Give Amy my love.)

Paul said...

I know Amy. She was an undergraduate at SIU while I was there.