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Thursday, September 22, 2005

You Got To Be Kidding

The nerve of some journals.

What would you think of a contest that offered its entrants a possible spot in the canon? Fucking crazy, no? Well, check out this contest sponsored by The National Poetry Review. I'm really stunned. And disgusted. Maybe the editors of this journal have physic powers, like Miss Cleo, and can predict what types of aesthetics the future will revere.

I really can't imagine any serious poet entering this contest. This contest will appeal to novices, to "poets" who wear all black and who brood in the corner of their local Starbucks.


Stuart Greenhouse said...

It does seem grandiosely named. & the fee/prize ratio is awfully light.

Laura Carter said...

That's funny!

Reb said...

Maybe it's just a typo? Instead of "literary canon" they meant "a literal canon"? You know, you win, we stuff your poems in a canon and shoot it across a field!

That's a contest I'd enter.

Steven D. Schroeder said...

I dunno--it seems to me they're just saying what most every editor believes anyway. And might there be some tongue-in-cheekiness here?

Matthew Thorburn said...

Isn't this how Bob Pinsky got the job a few years ago?