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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Trench Coat Post

I saw the worst film yesterday: A Sound of Thunder. Don't go! Trite story. Laughable special effects. The only good thing was Ed Burns. I'd totally forgotten about him. Wasn't he an independent film darling a few years ago? When his sexy face appeared on the screen I got wet. Yeah, you read that right. He's so freaking handsome. In a couple of scenes he walks around in white boxers. If only I'd been wearing a trench coat!
The cover of the new issue of Fence is turning heads, but don't forget to read the words inside. Like this good poem by Gina Franco.
Er. Has the world gone totally insane? Over at Jim Behrle's blog folks are voting for Sexiest Male Poetry Blogger, and the results are stunning. So far no Daniel Nester! What the fuck! Daniel, please forgive them, they know not what they do! How do I feel about the other so-called sexiest bloggers? Let me tell you. Jordan Davis? Hell yes! I would jump his bones. I would probably crush the darling, but oh what a ride it would be! Josh Corey? Not my type, but I understand why some girls and boys would throw their panties at him. Anthony Robinson? Ditto. Aaron McCollough. Hell no.
I've found the daddy of my babies. You might know him. His name is Ted Mathys. He's a fine poet too. Our babies will be looking good as they spell out their words. My babies' daddy's first book Forge has just been published. Here's a review. Buy a copy or two. Our babies will need to be fed and sheltered.


Alan Cordle said...

Daniel lost his bid for "sexy" when he posted homophobic and racist comments at Foetry.com.

Daniel Nester said...

That's true, it's so true. Remember that "Best Singer to Die of AIDS" award that went to Freddie Mercury? That was my idea.