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Thursday, September 15, 2005

O No He Didn't!

Remember Roy and Silo? Two "gay" penguins who've lived for the past six years as a couple at the Central Park zoo. Well, Silo has gone straight: he now has a girlfriend named Scrappy. And Roy? He's just hanging around, like a sucker. Men are the same. Gay. Straight. Penguin. All dogs. All of you. I hope Roy at least bitch slapped Silo before he waddled off to his new hussy. I feel so bad for Roy. Do penguins cry? I would leave town if my man left me for a woman named Scrappy. How embarrassing!


Nick said...

thanks for bringing the penguin update, did you see the cute penguins that survived katrina?

Eduardo C. Corral said...

No, I didn't! I'm going to Google that story.

Ana Bozicevic-Bowling said...

Sorry for the following long comment, but I just read this:

"Maybe the keepers at Germany's Bremerhaven zoo have been reading too many pamphlets from Exodus International, the US christian group dedicated to "curing" homosexuality: after finding out that three of the five penguin couples at the zoo were gay, they've imported four females (from Sweden, no less) to try and tempt them back onto the path of straightness. The keepers outted their charges only recently. They couldn't figure out why, after years of mating, none of the penguin couples had produced any chicks, and so gave them DNA tests to look for gender -- penguins don't have any external sex organs that would give it away. What they found was that six of their birds were living in domestic partnerships. The zoo's director, Heike Kueck, said that one couple had even gone so far as too adopt a stone that they protected like an egg (guess the zoo is happy to have that little incident explained). Homosexuality in penguins isn't all that uncommon: New York's Central Park has been dealing with gay couples for years. In 1997, after discovering four pairs of gay penguins, the zoo's keepers tried to separate the couples by force. It didn't work. The Bremerhaven keepers have brought in two extra males, in case the new ladies can't woo any of the men away from their partners."

turquoise said...

Hi E:

I just recently discovered you're blogging again. I'm so thrilled to have your site to visit again. Yer my bestest favorite!


Peter said...

Great story. Wild Kingdom meets Will& Grace.