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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My Favorite Poem

Jeff B. is asking bloggers to post their own favorite work. This poem is my favorite.

The poem came to me one afternoon as I took a walk through Iowa City. I suddenly heard myself softly pronouncing the first few lines. I was startled. I rushed home, and wrote the poem in less than twenty minutes. I showed it to Mark Levine a week later. He commented that it was very different from anything else that I'd shown him. He suggested two small revisions. I agreed with him, and I haven't tinkered with this poem since.

I love the way this poem unfurls. It's seamless. I love the tension between the beauty of the images and the terror the title conjures forth. And that ending! The ending is gorgeous--if I do say so myself.


Emily Lloyd said...

I went to read this and the second I was done, I thought loudly, SWISH! Which I haven't said in years but is the sound of a basketball going through the hoop without any awkward touching of the net...also, thanks for the info on Cyndi's new album; I can't wait, either. I embrace my deadbeat brother-in-law solely because he was one of the choirboys singing "True Colors" in the background of that Kodak commercial years back...

pete. said...

Good one!