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Monday, August 29, 2005

Where Have I Been?

Okay, I just discovered that I have access to XM satellite radio through AOL. The options are amazing. Right now I'm listening to new wave 80s: New Order, 'til tuesday, Pet Shop Boys. I'm in heaven. Pinch me! No, not there. Yes, there. Oh, do it again...
Okay, I just read the first issue of Bloom, and I'm blown away. Why wasn't I told about this journal? I freaking adored Bernard Cooper's essay "The Love Connection, 1986." I laughed out loud so many times while reading it. I even snorted a couple of times. Like a pig.
OMG! XM radio has an all Madonna channel and an all Selena channel. I will never leave my room again.
I was moved to tears by Richard Yayson's poem "I Do." It starts off with the speaker buying wedding bands for his upcoming wedding to another man. After buying the rings the speaker goes to a bar (Hell yeah! Hall and Oates' Out of Touch just started playing!) and he becomes emotional reading the declarations of love engraved into the bar counter: Michael loves Robert, etc. He heads home and finds his lover on the couch in his underwear. They cuddle, and kiss. The speaker can feel the living room filling up with their relatives and friends, dead or alive. It's a great moment: the two lovers radiating and receiving love. I can't describe the ending because I'm tearing up again. Needless to say, it's an affirmation of love between two men. Of the possibility. Richard Yayson, thank you for writing this poem.
Is there a pop song that's more trashy, more perfect than Kelly Clarkson's Since U've Been Gone? I don't think so. You better recognize.
I loved Aaron Smith's poem "Dark, Awful Man." The speaker in the poem doesn't enjoy bottoming (hard to believe!!) during sex. With the help of his therapist the speaker connects his problem to his mother telling him only "certain" people get AIDS. I too had this fear for the longest time. Still do, I guess. I've been working on an essay that connects my weight issues with my fear of catching AIDS. Huh? Maybe an example will illuminate things. In high school I worked as a bag boy in a grocery store. One day the manager asked me if I was working out because he thought I'd lost a few pounds. That freaked me out. I didn't want to lose weight. I didn't want to be viewed as "attractive" by others. That could possibly lead to sexual activity. That could possibly lead to catching it. Wow, I've got issues.
I just stumbled upon Islands in the Stream: the duet between Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Bliss!
I was in grade school when the movie 9 to 5 came out, but I remember playing out some of the scenes from the movie on the playground with my friends. Guess who always played the part of Dolly's character? Me, me, me!
I also got a kick out of Myra Mniewski's poem "A Good Butch is Hard to Find" which begins: "It all started with me/ putting on those/ boxer shorts..."
Let me just say this: I'm a HollaBack Girl! This post is bananas. B-a-n-a-n-a-s.


Ron Mohring said...

Eduardo, you should check out Richard Tayson's fine book, The Apprentice of Fever. I believe Marilyn Hacker chose it for the OSU award... more award-winning poetry that also happens to be good.

the machinist said...

Coming soon to Broadway: '9 to 5: The Musical'

Anonymous said...

don't get too attached to that BLOOM journal. and don't forget to shelve it back in the right place, scrapa, so i know where to find it. chale!

jenny said...

i loooove "islands in the stream." what a classic.

Anne said...

I love love love BLOOM. I want to write really good poems just so I can get them published there.

You were only in grade school...? Damn. I'm old.

Emily Lloyd said...

I love "9 to 5," movie and song. Check out all that layered rhyme:
TUMBle out of bed and I STUMble to the KITCHEN, pour myself a cup of amBITION (awesome slant rhyme, HELLOOOO!)
JUMP into the shower and the blood starts PUMPIN
out on the street the traffic is JUMPin etc.

I just got proofs and a contract from Bloom yesterday--bonus! they pay $25 or a 2-yr subscription. I'm going for the 2-yr and intend to see poem by Eduardo AND Anne in there before my sub runs out...

Artichoke Heart said...

Ooh, heaven! I'm still waiting for my contract to arrive and will definitely take the two-year subscription because I love Bloom. (Fell in love with it via that first issue, too!)

That way I, too, can make sure not to miss Eduardo and Anne in Bloom.

Matthew Thorburn said...

EC, I saw KR in CT last fall and he sang "Islands," though sadly sans Dolly. He's still doing the casino circuit and is hoarse as an old horse, but still belts out all his old hits... anyway, "The Gambler" and "9 to 5" are cultural keystones from my own childhood, so I thought I'd better chime in here.

Back then, anything with Dabney Coleman in it was pretty awesome (e.g., "Cloak and Dagger," "War Games").