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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Shit List: Bloggers Who Are Still Linking to My Deleted Blog

These bloggers are on my shit list UNTIL they change their blogrolls. Yes, yes. I have no life. Get over it. I have.

Matt Shindell

Update: Stuart has done the honorable thing.

Julie Dill has joined Stuart.

Welcome Antoine Wilson to the after party. Pocoloca: I like it, I like it.

T.E. Ballard, who is a chick in case you didn't know, has joined the party.

The sweet Kelli Russell Agodon is now wearing a party hat!


Stuart Greenhouse said...

O my god, it's true--I thought I'd changed it a month ago--

. . .


Antoine said...




If you read my blog, you'd see that your return to the blogosphere was celebrated.

And blogrolling was busted that day.

early hours of sky said...

Did you notice it is the people with children. We're always the last to the party. It is done.

Kells said...

okay, okay, can't a girl get some sleep around here?

You, my friend, are updated.

(I will take the "people with children" excuse or the real truth: "I-use-Charlie's-links-instead-of-mine-because-they-get-their-own-pop-up-boxes-so-I-never-check-mine" excuse)

Take care,

(fashionably late)