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Monday, August 15, 2005

Collage of Muses

I just finished putting up a collage of paintings, poets, and other assorted things/people that inspire me. And where did I put this collage? On the wall right behind my computer screen. And what images did I put up? Here's the list:

Papa Smurf
A painting by Kasmir Malevich
Frida Kahlo
Rita Dove
A picture of 3 braceros
Cyndi Lauper
Two paintings by Tino Rodriguez
Robert Hayden
A Mexifornia driver license for an "illegal" alien

Through out the year I will be adding more images to my collage. I love to look at these images while I write. They're very comforting. Correction: the Mexifornia license is not comforting, but it does remind me of one of the reasons I write. Also, when I get frustrated at my lack of progress I will stare at one image until my mind calms down. Ain't I cool?

I'm sure a lot of other writers have certain images near their writing spaces to inspire them. I wonder if Rebecca Loudon has a collage of muses near her writing space? Do you?


Radish King said...

Be still my heart!


A child's tin oven circa 1957 with Sylvia Plath's picture taped to it.

Emily Lloyd said...

Jiminy cricket, I love this woman.

Peter said...

Hi Eduardo: it's an old shrine, but it still works for me: here

barbara jane said...

hi eduardo!

for me it's saint michael the archangel.

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Um, I've got a faux pewter bobblehead softball trophy from the minisox team I coached a couple years back. Does that count?

Glad you made it safely to Illinois, but we miss our Arizona poets!