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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Car Trip: Day One

Yesterday, we left Casa Grande and embarked on the gayest road trip ever. How gay? These are some of the CDs we listened to: Bananarama, Belinda Carlise, and Isabel Pantoja.

90 mintues into the trip we stopped at Cordes Junction, Arizona for lunch. We ate at this dive called CJ's. We had to drive on a dirt road to reach it. I had a gross cheeseburger, and Rigo had a yummy BBQ chix sandwich.

My poor Saturn! It huffed and puffed its way up the mountains. I had to call my brother on my cell to ask him what gear I should be using while driving uphill. But I can proudly say I finally used the 2 and 3 gears of my car. Now, I'm real butch. I'm thinking of becoming a NASCAR driver. Or at least a biker bitch.

In Flagstaff we hit a sudden thunderstorm. The highway flooded quickly with water. For a few minutes I couldn't see the white lines. I almost drove off the freaking road! Thank goodness we were listening to Belinda Carlise's sweet sweet song "Mad About You." Her voice calmed my nerves. Thanks Belinda!

Then the dark clouds moved past us.

The landscape flattened as we entered Navajo country. The High Country. Columns of clouds. Blue above us. Though I must say gas prices were crazy expensive in Navajo land. What's up with that? If only my car used cigarettes as fuel!

From Navajo country it took us about three and half hours to reach 'Burque, New Mexico. Guess whose house I'm staying at for a day and a half? Cholojoto's house!
So far, Cholojoto has been a wonderful host.

Cholojoto: come back and pester my blog! Please.

More later.


Matthew Thorburn said...

Hey Eduardo, glad you're back online now. Good luck to you and Rigo as you continue your trip! It's too bad NY isn't on the way to Illinois.

Sara said...

I'll have you know that I read this, and then decided to get to work. And now I can't get that Belinda Carlisle song out of my head. And it's only 8 in the morning here. Oh boy.

Carry on with these travel notes. I had the same issue with driving up mountains.

RC said...

This could turn into a novel.Maybe "Fear And Loathing In Arizona".Don't know if Saturns were made to climb mountains?

Sisyphus Walking said...

I'm so happy to see your back in the blog world! -Ryan

Peter said...

Eduardo: your road trip sounds so fun. I am waiting to hear more.
Is Rigo the Rigo of "So Often the Pitcher" fame?