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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

AWP Austin 2006

I will be there. Will you? I know I said that last year. But this time I have no excuses! In fact, I'm being forced to go. I'm already looking forward to a lot of panels. Especially this one:

Chicano Politics and the Activist-Writer in American Literature. (Rigoberto
Gonzalez, Moderator, Helena Maria Viramontes, Alicia Gaspar de Alba, Lorna Dee
Cervantes, Benjamin Alire Saenz).

The recent deaths of groundbreaking Chicano activists, writers and
intellectuals--among them Gloria Anzaldua, Corky Gonzales and Lalo
Delgado--have posed a challenge to the Chicano community: to reaffirm
identity and mission in a time when the pan-Latino vision is blurring our
specific sociohistorical trajectory. This discussion with renown Chicano
thinkers will focus on the role of the Chicano activist-writer in the new


oscar said...

i should be out there this year... save me a seat!

Peter said...

Eduardo: I'll be there. On two panels: Poetry & Medicine, and Prairie Schooner. Hope to meet you in person. (And introduce you to my honey).

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to research plane tickets from NYC.
Think it's going to be a reunion!


Lorna Dee Cervantes said...


ohhh, the readings to be. . . !

somewhere, somehow, there's going to have to be a Xicanerati, then & now, reading. I missed the deadline having to fly back to SF for my father's passing, but maybe we could still do something off-site. Heck, if I have to get a suite and we could pack it & play spin-the-bottle poetry marathon like in the good old días.

Peter! Oliver! It will be so great to meet y'all. Thanks, Rigoberto, for the proposal. (& bet ya don't hear that one often)