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Friday, July 22, 2005

Shit List

1. Sabrina Orah Mark: her brother "won" the fig contest. Alan Cordle, we need you!
2. Being Bobby Brown: a train wreck of a show. It's a hoot! Last week, in a fancy London shop, Whitney Houston pulled out a WAD of cash to pay for her things.
3. The sidewalk that beat up our Paul Guest.
4. Losing, then regaining the weight you lost. Why must Hostess cupcakes exist?
5. Mark Levine: did he really post a stupid comment over at Poetry Snark?
6. Karl Rove
7. Aaron McCollough
8. This Arizona heat wave. 18 people have died in Phoenix this week.
9. My Iowa posts. Time to get over that program.
10. Designing Women reruns: the best and worst way to spend your nights.


RC said...

Welcome back.

aimee said...

yay!! i'm so happy you returned! xoxoxo

Tony said...

Hola. Good to see you back on the blog.

Paul said...

My man, welcome back. And I'm glad to appear on the Shit List in a much different capacity than before! ;)

Matthew Thorburn said...

EC, glad you're back!